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Photosynthesis - a brief explanation for the little people by Gatwick GREEN Airport Parking


All green plants and trees absorb a common gas called carbon dioxide. They add this to water drawn up through their roots and use light from the sun to make their food so that they can grow. The food made by plants and trees is basically what we call sugar. They use this sugar to grow.

When plants make their sugar they release air (oxygen) that we can use to breathe. The green parts of the plant are where the sugar and oxygen are made.


Try an experiment at home...

If you have 3 small plants or can buy some small fast growing plants like a bean plant:


Not sure how to grow some bean plants? Then follow this link.


Once you have your three small bean plants use them like this:



Put your first plant into a dark room or a cupboard, then water it the same as you water all the other plants - watch and see what happens over 2 or 3 weeks.



Put your second plant inside a partitioned box so that the plant is covered above, but light can get in from the other side of the open half of the lid. You will be able to see how the plant twists and bends to move towards the light.




Keep your last plant in natural sunlight (but not too direct or hot) - and just watch how much it grows.


Easy to remember facts about photosynthesis


All our planet's energy came originally from the sun. Wood, oil, coal and natural gas are all formed from plants that lived millions of years ago. Plants cannot survive without photosynthesis.



Photosynthesis is arguably the most important chemical process on earth.



Without photosynthesis all plants and animals would die and we would not have enough air to survive.



Photosynthesis turns light energy into food energy.



Photosynthesis allows green plants to turn the sun's energy into starch, fat or protein, we can then eat this energy in fruit and vegetables.



Experts have not yet managed to fully understand the full process of photosynthesis.



During winter in England there is not enough sunlight for photosynthesis, so plants do not create enough green chlorophyll to make their leaves look green.


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